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Lombok Earthquakes

Since July 29, the island of Lombok has been struck by dozens of earthquakes with magnitudes of over 4.0 on the Richter scale. A magnitude 7.0 quake that hit on Aug.5 killed 460 people and displaced several hundred thousand. Earthquakes and aftershocks show no signs of ending yet and Lombok struggles to recover with the help of authorities, NGOs and other private parties. 

Countries affected by large earthquake face multiple challenges both short term as well as long term. But while tremors may stop eventually, the cleaning and rebuilding process can last for years. In addition, there is the psychological damage suffered by earthquake victims. (By Admin - August 30, 2018)

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#jomQurban 1439 - Gaza & Bangladesh

KKB has successfully executed Qurban in Gaza, Palestine and also Bangladesh for the Rohingya community. This year #jomQurban participation were from public, and NGOs from Lebanon, (Takaful for Child Welfare), German ( Die barmherzigen Hände) and from Canada (Hands for Charity). 

Alhamdullilah, the Qurban has benefited thousand individuals in both areas. (By Admin - August 25, 2018)

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Rainy season exposes risks for ROHINGYAS

Heavy raining in Bangladesh severely damaging the infrastructure development inside the Rohingyas shelter due to poor drainage system. It is also affecting the humanitarian aid such as food distribution, clothing and also medical support for them. (By Admin - April 24, 2018)

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