In the most recent outbreak of violence, more than 400,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh leaving everything behind seeking for protection. With 200,000 refugees still stuck at the border, Bangladesh is in urgent need to open new camp to support them in Thankali between Balokhi and Teknaf. They are now staying everywhere, in the jungle, road side, village and open area without anything. Among them are children, women with infant and elders which are hungry, thirsty, and tired.

Lack of important basic needs such as healthy food, clean water, clothes and medical aid are serious challenges they have to face on daily basis. This is definitely an urgent issue that need serious attention and action done by humanitarian organization and also by government of other countries. In order for them to stay strong they need to know many people are supporting them. 

Align with our slogan to spread humanity, we Kedamaian Kemanusiaan Berhad, hope to set up fundraising project exclusively for Rohingya. We hope this act will bring small amount of comfort for them. 


You can directly donate to our accounts:


1. Maybank - 557157315233 

2. Bank Islam - 1401401015298 

3. RHB - 26413300023705 

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